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Thanks for stopping by.   I have links to the pinball modifications which I have available for all pinball fanatics of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Twilight Zone, and Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure.   Feel free to scroll through my list of modifications, helpful trouble-shooting hints, and my favorite pinball links.


If you would like to purchase full color replacement stickers for your ST:TNG neutral zone stand-up target, or customized Rules sheets and Coin cards for many games, including ST:TNG, TZ, IJ, Space Shuttle, Star Trek 25th Anniversary, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Family Guy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Medieval Madness, Monster Bash, Monday Night Football, Batman-The Dark Knight, IronMan, AVATAR, The Addams Family, The Rolling Stones, Transformers, TRON Legacy, click here .   In addition, I can create any custom-designed card for you.  Just contact me with the name of the game, and any detailed information you would like on the card for special purposes, such as tournaments, Expos, shows, etc. 

Avatar, IronMan, Rolling Stones, Transformers and TRON fans ! !
 The first cards are ready to go -  click on the pictures below:


Space Shuttle Fans!   I now have drop target replacement stickers from both the original prototype (stars & stripes) AND the production version (satellite dish) available.  Click here to see/purchase them.

ST:TNG Fans!  Here it is - the missing piece you've been looking for - the 3D dome for the cannons to replace the flat red plastic lens.  
Find out more by clicking here: 3D dome

ST:TNG Fans!  Tired of looking at your dull, lifeless shuttle?  Want to make it look new again - and more realistic?  I have created a complete set of waterslide decals to make your shuttle look better than the original, with authentic Star Trek logos correctly sized for your shuttle.  Ever notice how the original emblems looked a little too big?  And there is no real detail in the stickers?  That is because they are just that - simple stickers.   The waterslide decals I have created are nearly identical to those seen in every episode of ST:TNG, and include many details left off of the original stickers.  These are NOT simple scans of the original stickers made by Williams.   These were painstakingly recreated from the hundreds of images of the actual shuttlecraft used in the TV series, and as close to the correct size and coloration as you can get.   Below is a low-res image of what you will get.  Included are decals for the Romulan Warbird and Borg ships as well.  Also included are the transporter coils, extra nameplates and a "dashboard" should you feel like cutting out the windows to light your shuttle.  The decals are printed at 1200dpi resolution and will look better than the original stickers.  Also shown is an actual shuttle with the decals applied.  
Complete installation instructions included.
Click on the decal image for more details.  

shuttle decals  decals on shuttle


I am not currently doing mods - time constraints have seriously cut into my ability to do these mods.  Perhaps in the near future, when time permits, I will offer them again.


Boldly go where many pinball fans have gone before:

You unlock this door by clicking here:  Twilight Zone

The Adventure continues right here:  

J.R.R. Tolkien's (and Stern's) masterpiece:  LOTR logo

Let the Madness begin by clicking here:  mm-header

Climb aboard, ye scurvy dawgs:  POTC


If you are looking for those hard-to-find parts, call Steve Young's Pinball Resource at 845 473-7114.  His knowledge and advice are second to none, and if he can't find the part you are looking for, it probably can't be found!

Another invaluable parts source is Marco Specialties .  They stock virtually ALL of the common pinball parts for every machine.  They also have a wide variety of game-specific parts as well.  Good source for pinballs, cleaners & polishes, etc.

Ryan at RnR Pinball is also a great resource.  Contact him for those hard to find parts.

The Williams WPC Repair Guide .

The latest ROMs from Williams Technical Support .

Repro translites from ArcadeGrafix 

Pinball Inc. sells a new improved DMD high voltage power board, a great preventive maintanance item. 

Alpha Quadrant ramp protection kit installation guide .

Ramp protectors from Mantis Amusements .

Pinball Inc. sells high quality, crystal clear repro ramps !!  

A review of Derek Garforth's Plastic Reproductions.

Balls of Steel has scans of most of the plastics !

Pinball Universe sells most breakable plastics for many different machines, including ST:TNG, TZ and IJ

More Williams Cows and Easter Eggs.

Even more Williams Easter Eggs.


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